Saturday May 30

This is my football but you can play with it if you like

Your not going to catch me!

My friend

Give me the ball...

Thank you Alex!

Lets take a drink together

I love the water

Im full...

Maybe not...

Friday May 29

Friday's walk, the long weekend is almost here.

My legs are not as long as your legs, can we have a little rest?

And my legs are even shorter so I AM having a rest.

Rest over lets go!

Im a girl, my hair looks good, my nails are done and im ready for a walk.


Cant play all the time, sometimes its good to just sit and watch the youngsters playing.

There are balls in this pool, I know there are balls in this pool!

See, clean feet...

Its so hot, so im cooling off in the water.

Now im really wet!

Thursday May 28

We have new balls in our new pool, thank you mama Caruso!!!

Great fresh water, lets make it dirty as quick as possible!

Hello guy's what are you doing under that Land Rover?

What us? we were being good!

Where have you been?

hapy that your back :)

Water, how much can you drink?

Play with me, play with me!!

Im trying to relax here guy's cant you see?

I love grass, grass is great!

can I sit on your back?

Hoy Zammen!

New balls New balls :D

You have a nice nose Mr. Duke :)



How dare you say that to me, take a smack on your face Mr. Pacolino!

Would you like a date with me Miss Honey?

Yes Mr. Pacolino but only if you will be a good man for me!

I dont need a man im happy with new balls :D

What are you reading Agata?

Paco im not talking to you now that you told me about Honey!!

Your looking at me! so im looking at you!

Dreaming of playing with cats when I grow up

Dreaming of writing my first book about how to select the best sticks to chew!

Finley cant you find a bigger stick?

I look good! And I know it!

Throw me something...

Give me a moment im thinking...