End of the week

Friday’s walk.

The weather turned a lot colder again today but the doggies didn’t mind one bit, plenty of running free and fun on the fields.

Notice that the dogs are all wearing what is called a slip line, a long line that cant snag on anything so that we have more control should any situation arise.

As usual the day starts with a friendly puck up service in the doggie van, followed by a morning hello to everyone at the ground. relaxing lunch then everyone back into the van and off for an exciting walk in the country before being taken home for a good evening of rest ready again for the following day.

Another sunny day at Hunde Abenteuer Land

Jenny, Akim, Frodo, Beggy, Schayen, Ludvig, Frodo, and the rest from todays walk in the fine weather

Paco Schina and Joy in the indoor play area.

Sarah and Akim

Hunde Abenteuer Land Zürich

Hunde Abenteuer Land Zürich blog…

On this site we post updates and photos of happy dogs in our care regularly.

A typical day with us starts early in the morning where we drive around Zürich and collect your dogs from your home or we meet you at one of our meeting points in Zürich city, we use a specially designed and adapted doggy van. Later we bring the dogs to our Hunde Abenteurer Land ( Dogs Adventure Land and spend the whole day having fun with them. Here your dog really does have fun with us and his or her other 4 legged friends. Then after lunch has settled and properly digested everyone gets to go on an exciting and adventurous walk in the afternoon.

At the Adventure Land we have large area of grass where your dogs could run and move freely. Also you have nothing to worry during rainy or cold days as we have a canopy to protect them from the rainy days.

Daycare is great ways to keep your dog do exercise and socialize. Being left alone at home all day can cause the dogs to become lonely, bored and restless and annoy your neigbours.

Socialization, exercise and recreation are vital role for dogs in maintaining healthy and happy lives therefore come, have worry free and entrust your dog with us while you’re busy at work or away on holiday. Even one a day in a week is beneficial.